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Miam Miam
Two-person show with Erin Miller at Box 13 in Houston, TX

Miam Miam
Box 13 Art Space

This show explores recursion and memory through print in an investigation of dreamscapes and the imagination. These works exist in that moment of taking the last step, anticipating the end of the stairs, but being confronted by one more. And falling… the body propels, weight shifts, and there is confusion about existence--a shift between reality and expectation akin to sleepwalking or walking through a hedge maze. 

When sleepwalking, coexisting occurs. A coexisting within a space where sound and language become one, where the inside and the outside of the body integrates and where the watchful third eye stalks the curious tongue. These works serve as portals into the internal, contradictory world where nightmares and daydreams meet at one wavering horizon. Canker sores become access points for pleasure; sour candies sit whole in the stomach, embedding themselves into the lining of the body as keepers of past eaten experience.

Just as prints hold the memory of the mark that came before it, bodies hold the memory of muscle movement: inks spit, lick, and exchange fluids. Serving as a throughway point for the dreamworld, the mouth sets the stage for the mind and internal body’s waving peristalsis. Communication within these dreamscapes are packaged by the smell of breath, moments of confusion or pause, and layered bodily moments on display. Here, memory and flesh meet in an oscillation between reality and abstraction, nightmares and daydreams.

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