Annie May Johnston received her MFA from the University of Texas at Austin and has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Paris, Glasgow, New York, and San Francisco. Currently she is Visiting Faculty in Print at the University of Texas at Austin where she co-directs the Guest Artist in Print Program and is the faculty sponsor for the UT Riso Room. She holds undergraduate degrees in Classics and Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Recent awards include the Summer Creative Research Grant and the Faculty Fellows Endowment from the University of Texas at Austin. This summer she completed a residency and show, Through-Seen, with Edition/Basel in Switzerland as well as a residency at Officinia Stamperia del Notaio in Sicily. During 2019, Johnston has shown in Tallahassee, Dallas, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Austin, and South Korea and through Warbling Collective’s online gallery, among others. In 2017 completed a 90ft commissioned art piece for Facebook in Austin.

instagram: @anniemayjohnston